Members Directory

Our member directory can be searched by both specialty, indicated in the drop down menu, and last name, through the alphabetical chart below.

Licensed Members: Must be licensed in good standing in an eligible healthcare profession and must practice in the United States, and must be a permanent resident of United States. Licensed Members are active members, paying membership dues and enjoying all the privileges of membership. Licensed Members must hold an Associate Membership for their first year.

Honorary Members: Any Armenian or non-Armenian medical professional who has rendered outstanding contributions to Armenia and/or other Armenian communities. Honorary Members do not have voting privileges and do not pay membership dues.

Corresponding Members: Healthcare professionals, who reside and practice outside the United States but otherwise fulfill the requirements of the AAMS, can become Corresponding Members. Unlicensed Armenian healthcare professionals may also register as corresponding members. Corresponding Members must pay dues and may participate in the General Assembly, but cannot vote or hold office.

Associate Members: Students, residents, and fellows are eligible to become Associate Members. They can participate in the General Assembly but cannot vote or hold office. Associate members do not pay membership dues.