2022 Armenia Scholarship Recipients

Artur Aleksanyan

Artur was born in Yerevan, in 1991. He served in the 44-day War as a military doctor, chief of service. During persistent battles in Karmir Shuka, he was hospitalized for a multi-fragmented open fracture of the right lower leg he received from an artillery strike. The injury left him with a third-degree disability. Artur’s brother also served during the 44-Day War. In addition to medicine, Artur is interested in information technology. He is currently enrolled in a series of projects at PicsArt Academy. Artur wants to combine his knowledge of medicine and technology to develop medical software to assist medical professionals. He aims to create his own project, which will enable doctors to make quick and accurate disease diagnoses.

Sponsored by: Armenian American Medical Society

Feliks Sahakyan

Feliks was born in Ttujur Village of Gegharkunik Province. As a child, he dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player and participated in judo. Instead, Feliks was drafted into the army in 2020 and served in the Vorotan city of Artsakh. During the 44-Day War, he received an injury from an explosion resulting in multiple injuries to his waist and arm. For Feliks, his time as a soldier is filled with memories. The extent of his injuries has curtailed his participation in sports. He truly believes that when he completes his treatment, he will be able to fully return to an active lifestyle. Feliks’ goal is to become an expert doctor. He wants to become someone worthy of his family and, most importantly, of the motherland. Feliks currently volunteers at a hospital near the border town of Chambarak, assisting doctors in treating and caring for patients.

Sponsored by: Armenian American Medical Society

Vahe Sargsyan

Vahe was born in Abovyan in 2001. As a child, he dreamed of becoming a professional football player and even took football lessons for three years.   In 2020 Vahe was drafted into the army and served in Hadrut as a machine gunner. During the War, he was wounded, receiving multiple shrapnel injuries to the whole body, and was transferred to a hospital. After receiving complex inpatient treatment, Vahe returned to the battlefield after about 20 days. This time he was stationed in the "Montei hills" in the Martuni region. After two days of fierce battles, on October 30, he was seriously injured by an uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) explosion. The doctors diagnosed a severe contusion, a bruised hemothorax of the lower part of the left lung, fractured ribs, and a fracture of the 7th/8th thoracic vertebrae. A year ago, Vahe's father died of a heart attack. Despite all difficulties and challenges Vahe faces, he is full of life and goes confidently in the direction of his dream: becoming a good dentist.

Sponsored by: Armenian American Medical Society

Alik Ikhtiaryan

Alik was born in the city of Vaik, Vayots Dzor Province. He studies at the Faculty of Medical Affairs of the Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi. Alik is an accomplished athlete, participating in regional and national Olympiads. He served in the 44-day War with an artillery unit. Alik wrote about his experience. “Fighting against death, I lived, preserving the true image of an Armenian soldier. Lots of my friends were dying in front of my eyes. Eternal glory to our heroes. On the battlefield, I made sure of my decision to become a doctor.” Alik’s brother is serving in the armed forces of Armenia and is a participant in the War unleashed on September 13, 2022.

Sponsored by: Grigor Gevorgyan Foundation (Mr. Tigran Gevorgyan and his circle of friends for being instrumental in delivering equipment, medical supplies, storing in their warehouse and shipping to Armenia during the 44-day war and the COVID crisis)

Arman Hakobyan

Arman was born in Sardarashen village of Askeran region of the Republic of Artsakh in 1992. He is studying in the 1st year of residency faculty of Gastroenterology at Yerevan State Medical University. Joined the military service in Shushi of the Republic of Artsakh. He participated in the 44-day War.He is married and has a daughter. She is two years old. His wife is studying in the first year of a family dentistry residency at Yerevan State Medical University.

Sponsored by: In Memory of Gevork Baltayan, Drummer of a Jazz and Estrada Orchestra (Mr. Akop & long time member Dr. Armine Baltayan)

Hrayr Kirakosyan

Hrayr is 22 years old and was born in Yerevan. He is studying in the 3rd year of dentistry at Yerevan State Medical University. His goal is to become a maxillofacial surgeon. After university hours, he works as a dental technician-modeler. The family has four members: mother, father, and younger sister. Hrayr participated in the 44-day war and was seriously burned. He is currently in the rehabilitation phase.

Sponsored by: In Memory of Gevork Baltayan, Drummer of a Jazz and Estrada Orchestra (Mr. Akop & long time member Dr. Armine Baltayan)

Gevorg Karapetyan

Gevorg is a 2nd-course student at Yerevan State Medical University faculty of general medicine. He lives with his parents, sister, and grandparents. He likes to repair cell phones in his spare time. Gevorg served in the 44-day war. He was injured in battle when a cannonball exploded, throwing his body on a hill and resulting in a spinal injury. His goal is to become a heart surgeon.

Sponsored by: Long time members, Dr. Vachik & Mrs. Alenoosh Shahnazarian

Armen Yeganyan

Armen was born in Varagavan village, Tavush Province, in 2000.  He is a 2nd-year student at Yerevan State Medical University. He plans to be a cardiovascular surgeon. His family consists of 4 people: father, mother, and brother. Armen participated in the 44-day war and received multiple injuries from the right waist to the head. During the war unleashed against Armenia on September 13, he was in the Martuni Medical Center to perform first aid and care for wounded servicemen.

Sponsored by: In Honor of Gayane Musayelyan, PhD, Soviet and Armenian scientist, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, PhD.  (Drs. Kevin and Arev Galstyan)

Zhora Aghajanyan

Zhora is from Vaghuhas village of Martakert region of Artsakh. Zhora is studying at the Yerevan State Medical University. During the War, Zhora served in the Jrakan and participated in major battles. Although he didn't have much experience in medicine, he still tried to provide quick first aid to save as many lives as possible. Zhora wrote, "I remember. It was November 9th when they said that the war was over. At that moment, we were near Machkalashen village of Martuni region, Artsakh. I could not believe that those terrible days, during which I lost many of my friends in my arms, were over.” There are six members in his family: Father, mother, grandmother, and two sisters. The grandfather passed away during the First Artsakh war. Zhora's mother has a third-group disability. His main goal is to become a doctor, return to Artsakh and dedicate every day of his life to the fulfillment of the Hippocratic oath.

Sponsored by: The Sepilian Scholarship Fund in Memory of Joseph Sepilian (Dr. & Mrs. Vicken & Marina Sepilian)


Valodya Avagyan

Volodya Avagyan was born in Ashtarak, Aragatsotn Province. He is a first-year student studying at Yerevan State Medical University, majoring in general medicine. After six months of study, Volodya was drafted into the army, serving in the "Eghnikner" military unit, Artsakh Republic, and fought in the 44-Day War․ He wrote of his experience, "The 44-day war changed a lot in my life. I began to understand what real peace is. The loss of friends and homeland to war is the most terrible thing that happened in my life."  His goal is to become one of the best doctors and help people. During the recent September invasion by Azerbaijan, Volodya and his friends collected essential supplies and sent them to the border to support the soldier fighting for our homeland.

Sponsored by: Dr. Jenia Jasmine Tahmasian IMO Gharnik Tahmasian


Revik Tshavrshyan

Revik Tshavrshyan was born and raised in Panic Village, Shirak Province. He is a first-year student in the Pharmacy Department of Yerevan State Medical University. Following admission to the university, Revik was drafted into the Army. He served in the Artsakh Defense Army at the beginning of the 44-day War. Until then, his knowledge of war came from his grandfather's stories and books he read. Revik's experience gave him a deeper appreciation of life and the people around him. In addition to pharmacy school, Revik spends time volunteering in several areas. He often helps the elderly living in his neighborhood, some of who live alone and need assistance. Revik aims to become one of the best and most respected pharmacists in Armenia. He is on the way to fulfilling his dreams.

Sponsored by: Dr. Jenia Jasmine Tahmasian IMO Gharnik Tahmasian


Gevork Melkonyan

Gevorg Melkonyan lives in Gyumri, Shirak Province. He is a student at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry of Shirak State University, maintaining excellent grades. Gevorg was badly wounded while fighting in the 44-day war. He received injuries to his head, lower back, and left leg as a result of enemy artillery shelling. He likes to help people in need and at the war’s end, he enrolled as a volunteer in the Shirak regional branch of the Armenian Red Cross Society. Gevorg was received a Letter of Gratitude for his active participation in the "Improvement of Resistance of Local Communities towards Health Problems in the Emergency States in Southern Caucasus" program. He aims to become an excellent pharmacist and use his skill to help those who are underserved.

Sponsored by: Dr. Jenia Jasmine Tahmasian IMO Gharnik Tahmasian



Davit Martirosyan

Davit was born in Masis town in Ararat Province in 1998. He has always dreamt of becoming a doctor since he was a child. During his study, Davit participated in various conferences and workshops. But the most important for him is the workshop organized by a maxillofacial surgeon from Moscow, a doctor of Medical Sciences and professor, on the topic of “Differential diagnosis of orofacial pain,” and he received a certificate. Davit is a participant of the 44-Day War. During the War, he witnessed unimaginable suffering. However, the most impressive thing for Davit was that thousands of UAVs bombarded the area, and his friends managed to get out of a tank just before it was hit by one of the UAVs. After all the things he saw during the War, he decided to become a good doctor and help our country. Along with studies, Davit is a volunteer at the regional Red Cross office of Ararat Province.

Sponsored by: Drs. Michael & Taline Aznavour



Armen Gabrielyan

Armen is 22 years old and was born in Abovyan city, Kotayk Province. He is a future dentist and has loved the profession since childhood. In addition, Armen likes sports, especially volleyball. He has many goals. The most important of them is to become a good specialist, for which he spares no effort. Armen wants to develop dentistry in his city and equip it with new technologies. He believes that after ten years, he will have his own dental clinic․ Armen also participated in the 44-Day War in Artsakh and remembers the heroic acts of his comrades with admiration.

Sponsored by: Drs. Michael & Taline Aznavour