United for Artsakh

Dear AAMS Colleagues,

Throughout our history, our nation has faced many threats and gone through existential challenges including a Genocide; yet we have always survived the dark days and came out victorious showcasing the world our resilience. Today is yet another challenging day for our nation-state. However, we cannot allow division, chaos, and despair to cloud our judgment and take roots amongst us wherever we are around the world.

We call upon fellow Armenians worldwide to stand united with Armenia and Artsakh’s people, governmental institutions, and armies. As a nation, we must continue our efforts to support those affected by the war, including the wounded, the war refugees as well as those families who have lost loved ones.

We urge every Armenian, either in Armenia or the Diaspora, to avoid and discourage any act of chaos, to exercise restraint, and to promote unity and reason within our communities, wherever they are. Through social media and other means, we must remind our friends and colleagues that our enemies benefit from our internal divisions that lead to chaos and capitulation.

We will continue its programs outlined in the previous communications to support our nation-state during these challenging times. Our nation and state building work will and must continue; the path to victory might be painful and long, but victory will be ours at the end.

We are stronger when we are united.