A Message from Outgoing AAMS President Kevin Galstyan, MD, FACOG

Over my two-year term as AAMS president, we have experienced unprecedented challenges as an organization and a nation. This includes a pandemic and a 44-day war in our motherland. These challenges reminded us we are stronger, more united, and more determined than we could have imagined.

We carried this strength, unity, and determination with us into 2021. Remnants of 2020’s challenges—namely the continuing pandemic—followed us into the new year. And yet, we were able to inch back towards a more normal existence with a renewed sense of hope and healing.

In 2021, we were able to resume events that were casualties of 2020’s COVID outbreak. Although there was no Glendale Health Festival, the AAMS partnered with the City of Glendale to hold pop-up health fairs. These mini health fairs helped us reconnect with our community and their health needs.

We resumed our CME and CDE Conference and Las Vegas Getaway. Mindful of the continuing pandemic, the ever-adaptable AAMS created a hybrid model. The new format, which was well-received, combined Zoom education with an in-person program held at Caesar’s Palace.

Our postponed 35th-anniversary gala was worth the wait. Celebrating the legacy of our organization was especially meaningful. This legacy guided and fortified us as we weathered the tumult of the past years.

There were new beginnings in 2021, such as establishing a new AAMS scholarship program. Full medical school tuition will be awarded to deserving students living in Armenia—nurturing a new generation of healthcare providers in our homeland.

The challenges of 2020 make the successes of 2021 that much more satisfying, but now is not the time for complacency. Although I am no longer president, I remain on the board and am deeply committed to continuing my involvement in the AAMS and its projects.

I am deeply appreciative for the support I received from our executive board and members. The achievements of the AAMS are truly a team effort and I couldn’t have asked for better teammates. I encourage you to continue the commitment you have demonstrated over the past years. We still have much to accomplish and your continued support is vital.