AAMS Member Katia Tavitian Karageuzian, PharmD, Honored with the 2023 Literary Titan Gold Book Award

Congratulations to Katia Tavitian Karageuzian, PharmD, who was honored with the 2023 Literary Titan Gold Book Award for her book, Forbidden Homeland: Story of a Diasporan. This is Katia’s debut memoir, in which she weaves her personal diasporic accounts to the events that have been shaping the Armenian reality in the past thirty years. Katia delves into her cultural past to start solving mysteries about her family history with a focus on the Armenian Genocide and the ongoing Karabakh conflict. As she slowly uncovers the answers she is looking for, Katia also discovers surprising family secrets along the way that lead her on a decades-long search that reveals the extensive history of American involvement in the destiny of her homeland and a buried record of those living with generational trauma.