Happy Thanksgiving from AAMS

This Thanksgiving may be unlike years’ past, but despite the unprecedented challenges we face, there is still so much to be thankful for. In the midst of the calamity, we have witnessed the selfless and compassionate acts of so many. We have learned just how resilient we are in the face of unrelenting turmoil. We have witnessed the power of our motherland’s ability to improvise and innovate. We are reminded that even when we have little, we have so much more than others. It is a powerful reminder that we can find gratitude not only in the big things, but also the small.

Still, we cannot forget the human cost of the Artsakh War. Our thoughts are with the families of the soldiers and civilians who perished in the fighting, as well as the wounded veterans and with the tens of thousands of refugees forced to flee their homes with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. With each and every one of them goes a piece of our hearts. We will give support in any way possible to ease their suffering and bring them comfort.

We are encouraged and humbled by your outpouring of generosity and support during this year. For this we are most grateful. Wishing you and your loved ones an abundance of blessings as you celebrate a safe and healthy Thanksgiving!

AAMS Executive Board