Alzheimer’s Care Armenia News

Alzheimer's Care Armenia, in collaboration with the Armenia National Institute of Health and the RA Ministry of Health organized a conference- "From Early Detection to End of Life Care: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Alzheimer's Disease," on March 22, 2024, Armenia. This conference addressed the pressing issues surrounding dementia care, from early detection to end-of-life care. The conference was sponsored by the H. Hovnanian Family Foundation. The National Institute of Health hosted the event.

Dr. Jane Mahakian, gerontologist and president of Alzheimer's Care Armenia, emphasized the global rise in dementia cases and the importance of such initiatives in raising awareness as well as the importance of early detection memory screening.

The conference was attended by neurologists, primary care doctors, nurses, and other healthcare specialists, featured insightful contributions from local experts and international guests. Dr. Kristine Galstyan, chief specialist at the Ministry of Health, highlighted the significance of these measures, underscoring the Ministry's commitment to addressing elderly care through initiatives like the National Dementia Plan for dementia prevention and awareness. Dr. Samson Khachatryan, Chairman of the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery and Deputy Director for Science, National Institute of Health, Armenia and Medical Director of Somnus Sleep and Movement Disorders Center shared valuable insights with the audience. He presented facts regarding the prevalence of Alzheimer's disease, recent updates, and diagnostic methods and delved into discussions surrounding risk factors and genetics.

Other experts in the field, including renowned Dr. William Shankle, Medical Director of the Shankle Clinic for Memory and Cognitive Function, delivered speeches fostering an exchange of knowledge and expertise. Attendees also engaged in interactive sessions with neuroplasticity specialist Jason Dolby, facilitating a fruitful dialogue and learning from a top specialist about new ways of improving the lives of Alzheimer's patients with games and cognitive exercises.

The event was also live-streamed on Facebook, allowing wider access to information and discussions. Over 500 participants worldwide joined virtually, contributing to disseminating valuable insights on Alzheimer's care. The live stream of the event is available via this link.