AAMS Responds to the Artsakh War

From the opening salvos of the Artsakh War on September 27, 2020, the AAMS sprang into action, responding on several fronts. Just one week after the start of the conflict, the AAMS held a successful Armenia/Artsakh fundraiser to benefit medical care relief for those injured in the conflict. More than $700,000 was raised to help provide medical care for our soldiers who are fighting their lives in the frontlines of Artsakh.

“The AAMS is proud of and grateful to our members and supporters who united in our homeland’s time of need,” said Kevin Galstyan, MD, AAMS president. “We are also grateful to our community for their generous and compassionate response to our fundraising efforts. What we achieved was by far, more than we could ever have imagined. “These contributions, no matter the size, made a tangible impact on the healthcare of our wounded soldiers.”

Independently, the AAMS contributed to the war effort in a variety of ways. The organization funded the purchase of the following:

  • Cryogenic Center/Oxygen Generator – $515,000
  • Four Polaris Rangers – $80,000
    All-terrain, emergency response vehicles outfitted with a gurney to transport patients. These vehicles are nimble and unlike standard rescue vehicles, can navigate rough terrain, which is perfect for the topography of Artsakh.
  • Avance® negative pressure wound therapy systems – $11,000
    These systems effectively heal wounds, while greatly minimizing pain and discomfort during treatment. This is extremely important to help with wound-healing in combat-induced wounds, due to their complex nature.
  • Aros Surgical Instruments Corp Micro Instruments and Vein Clamps
  • Aros 600 Recon Medical Packs
  • 400 Combat Medical PN 30-240 Celox 15g Granules
  • Oxygen Flow Meters

The AAMS also assisted other organizations in their response efforts, collaborating in a global effort. Members played a large role in the Armenian International Medical Committee’s initiative to organize volunteer medical professionals to travel to the front lines to take part in and support the healthcare needs of the wounded and displaced.

AAMS members were also closely involved in logistical support to procure supplies from all over the world, in collaboration with AMIC. Members and supporters volunteered their time to organize and pack supplies for shipment to Armenia.

The AAMS is deeply appreciative to all of the volunteers who spent countless hours at the warehouse, preparing shipments for our troops.

Although the fighting has ceased, there is still much work to be done. We must deal with the aftermath, including injured soldiers and civilians and tens of thousands of displaced residents.

As part of a broader effort, the AAMS is collaborating with other organizations to raise funds for a Cryogenic Center/Oxygen Generator system that will replace the current failing system at the Yerevan Physics Institute. This life-saving equipment will help the entire nation, provided much-needed therapeutic oxygen to not only those recovering from war-related injuries but also for COVID-19 patients. The AAMS is currently raising funds for their commitment of $515,000 towards the project.The Total cost of the project is $715,000. The system will be up and running this June.

The AAMS will continue to help with ongoing efforts to respond to their needs. It is incumbent upon us to continue to provide medical and humanitarian assistance. The AAMS will be there every step of the way.