AAMS and ACA Join Forces to Combat Alzheimer’s Disease

Armenian American Medical Society and Alzheimer Care Armenia Join Forces to Combat Alzheimer’s Disease

In a significant step towards improving care for Alzheimer’s patients in Armenia, the Armenian American Medical Society (AAMS) is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Alzheimer’s Care Armenia (ACA). This groundbreaking collaboration leverages the combined resources, networks, and expertise of both organizations to create a comprehensive support system for Alzheimer’s patients and their families.

Founded by Dr. Jane Mahakian, a gerontologist with over 30 years of experience in dementia care, ACA has been a leader in addressing Alzheimer’s in Armenia. Their mission to develop sustainable programs for those affected by Alzheimer’s and other dementias aligns perfectly with AAMS’s goal of advancing medical care and research within the Armenian community.

This partnership will focus on expanding ACA’s impactful initiatives, including the Early Detection Memory Screening and Training Project as well as Memory Cafes, which provide crucial support and activities to combat memory loss. Key areas of collaboration include:

  • Joint Resource Development: Together, the AAMS and ACA will create educational materials, workshops, and programs specifically tailored to the Armenian community. These resources will address dementia risk factors, diagnosis, treatment options, and culturally sensitive caregiving strategies.
  • Advocacy and Grant Collaboration: The organizations will work together on advocacy efforts to raise awareness about dementia and secure greater access to care and support services for Armenians. Additionally, the AAMS will assist ACA in identifying, applying for, and managing grants to support ACA programs.
  • Professional Development: AAMS will collaborate with ACA to provide Armenian healthcare professionals with the latest advancements in dementia diagnosis, treatment, and care management.

“This collaboration between the ACA and the AAMS signifies a powerful alliance in the fight against dementia,” said Dr. Mahakian. “By working together, we can ensure Armenian families have access to culturally sensitive resources and the best possible care for their loved ones.”

Dr. Mahakian’s efforts, notably her Brain Health Armenia Project, which offers comprehensive memory screenings and in-home cognitive and palliative care services, have already made significant strides in filling the gaps in care for the elderly in Armenia. The collaboration with AAMS promises to amplify these efforts, making advanced care and support more accessible to patients with Alzheimer’s across Armenia.

“We are excited about this partnership, as it represents a major step forward in our fight against Alzheimer’s disease,” stated AAMS President Garni Barkhoudarian, MD. “Together, we are committed to transforming the landscape of Alzheimer’s care in Armenia, providing hope and improved quality of life for many.”

The AAMS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with over 500 members from around California whose practice areas cover the entire spectrum of allied healthcare. The AAMS is the largest Armenian medical society in the Diaspora. Its directory of practitioners is a vital resource for patients seeking care in various health-related disciplines and specialties. In addition, the AAMS is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and the Dental Board of California, ensuring that AAMS members maintain their competence in new medical knowledge through Continuing Medical Education activities to improve quality care for patients and their communities.