Rosine Der-Tavitian DrNP, RN, PHN, CNS, MPH - Licensed Member

Rosine Der-Tavitian

Specialty: Nursing, (Public Health)

Board Certified: Registered Nursing, Public Health, Education

18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330

Phone Number: 818-677-5748

Fax Number: 818-502-3244

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Rosine Der-Tavitian, DrNP, APRN, PHN, CNS, MSN, MPH: is a Faculty of CSUN, Assistant Director & Clinical Coordinator of the nursing department. She is an enigma of nursing education as seen in her “alphabet soup”, researching students’ stress levels related to their studies, work, and use of resources made her recognize their academic, as well as, personal challenges. She teaches by using adult learning principles and is driven by her passion to serve the community. She volunteers for local and international organizations and, agencies with the goal to promote the building of healthy communities, and is a member of LA County Surge unit. Rosine has received Recognition and proclamations from congressmen, senators, and assemblymen for her civic contributions.

She received her DrNP from the CSU Consortium (Long Beach, Fullerton, and Los Angeles), her APRN, PHN, CNS, MSN, MPH from CSULB and her RN from AUB.

Rosine believes that Nursing education is without borders and states, “It is the individual who sets the limit of his/her education”. As an adult learner she is devoted to being a motivating force and role model to many of her students and colleagues. She considers herself a lifelong learner and will continue to teach by sharing her experiences as educator. She wholeheartedly supports students who are willing to explore the limits of nursing education. She ultimately teaches and leads by example.