AAMS’ 19th Annual Hybrid Viva Las Vegas

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Tuberculosis in the Armenian Community in Los Angeles County: Opportunities for Improving Outcomes and Reducing Transmission

A new 5-year-old male patient presents to your clinic. He recently immigrated to the United States from Armenia with his parents who report that he received a BCG vaccine shortly after birth. The patient is asymptomatic and has been meeting his developmental goals. What is the most appropriate next step in evaluating this patient for Tuberculosis (TB)?*
31-year-old male born in Armenia presents to your clinic after receiving a positive Quantiferon result. He reports several months of coughing and intermittent fevers. What is the next step in medical management?*
45-year-old woman who recently immigrated from Armenia is admitted to the hospital with cough, fever, and weight loss for the past 3 months. Her CXR shows a RUL cavitary lesion, and her AFB smear is 2+ positive. MTB PCR is positive with rifampin resistance DETECTED. What is the next step in management?*
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