Mike Mkhitar Moradian PhD - Licensed Member

Mike Mkhitar Moradian

Specialty: Molecular Genetic Pathology & Diagnostics

Board Certified: Molecular Diagnostics, Bioanalysis, Laboratory Directors, Clinical Consultant

Mike Moradian has received his BS degree in Microbiology and Medical Technology with honors from CSULA, his MS degree in Bioinformatics and PhD in Molecular Genetics from UCLA. Dr. Moradian is a board-certified Clinical Laboratory Bioanalyst with the State of California, a Molecular Genetics Scientist from American Board of Bioanalysis and a High Complexity Laboratory Director and Clinical Consultant from ABB. He has worked as research scientist and laboratory Director for over a decade developing Genetics assays and setting up laboratories, he is currently the Director of operations at Kaiser Permanente Regional Molecular Genetic Pathology Laboratory. Dr. Moradian has completed training in Lean Healthcare and Management in a joint MIT / LMU program. He also serves as a senior scientist and consultant for Morava Inc. scientific and technology services leading research on Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) and cancer genetics in the Armenian population. His works have been published in Nature’s Journal of Human Genetics, in Nature’s Journal of Genetics in Medicine, and in the Journal of Molecular Genetic and Genomic Medicine. He volunteers as graduate student adviser and career counselor at UCLA.